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Hoistmaster works hard to provide you rapid response, technical expertise, best value and quality service and products.
Our commitment to “Safety Saves - Safety Pays” is incorporated into the many services HoistMaster provides, including the inspection of overhead, below the hook, mobile, and stationary material handling equipment.
During your inspection, our certified technicians will perform electrical, mechanical, structural, visual, operational and non-destructive testing as required.
HoistMaster Inspections comply with all insurance, manufacturer and government requirements, complete with signed documentation as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety regulations.
For your added value, HoistMaster includes minor adjustments at no extra cost during regular inspections.

HoistMaster Material Handling Services

Safety Inspections of Lifting Devices
- Cranes
- Hoists
- Attachments
- Fork Lifts
- Stackers
- Pallet Trucks
- Dock Levelers
- Man-baskets
- Mobile Cranes
- Work Platforms
- Your Devices
Repair, Service and Preventative Maintenance to All Makes of Cranes
- Minor service
- Major overhauls
- Emergency repairs
- Tailored to your equipment and your needs, we create a PM program to suit you.
Supply of Parts for All Brands
- If it is available, we will find it.
- If it is obsolete we will provide you with replacement solutions.
Installation of Overhead Cranes, Jibs Cranes, Monorails and Light Rail Systems
- Hoistmaster offers a diverse range of products from reputable manufacturers.
Upgrades and System Modifications
- We can customize equipment to fit your particular production requirements.
- Upgrade your systems to integrate safety and production requirements.
Load Testing or Certification of Below the Hook Attachments, On Site or In Our Shop
Non-Destructive Testing
- In depth non-destructive testing survey and analysis of critical, internal, external and structural crane components can be provided for high stress operating conditions.
24/7 Service

HoistMaster Material Handling Products

HoistMaster’s complete line of products, rentals, and accessories will provide you with a reliable and economical source to meet your overhead material handling application or below the hook requirements.
- Overhead cranes, jib cranes, monorails, gantries and light rail systems.
- Electric, manual, pneumatic and vacuum hoists.
- Air balancers
- A complete line of material handling accessories including radio controls, soft start, frequency drives, electrification systems and load limiting devices.
- Below the hook attachments: Pre-engineered and custom designed/manufactured certified lifting devices, sheet lifters, lifting magnets, vacuum lifters and others.
- Certified Hoist and Rigging rentals
- Safety Training
- 24/7 Service
- Electric Hoists
- Manual Hoists
- Pneumatic Hoists
- Balancers
- Vacuum Hoists
- Light Rail Systems
- Electrification systems
- Lifting Magnets
- Crane accessories
- Overhead Cranes
- Jib Cranes
- Gantries
- Monorails
- Fall arrest systems
- Below the hook Certified lifting devices
- Kito
- Tractel
- Kenhar
- Slingtech
- Loadrail
- Walker
- Gunnebo
- Caldwell

Slings Direct

Chain, Wire and Nylon Slings
- Chain sling components to fit your application.
- Standard and custom chain slings for your needs.
- Standard and custom nylon and wire rope slings.
- Inspection and repair services.
- Hoisting and rigging training.

Custom Services

We will be glad to assist you with any custom material handling needs.
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