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ScanTech’s safety record is exemplary and our service reputation is well known throughout the industry.
ScanTech Inspection Services Ltd. has provided inspection, repair, products and related services throughout Canada since 1985.
Our certified and experienced technicians have developed their skills working in all aspects of industry - including manufacturing, institutions, automotive, food, petrochemical, pulp and paper, nuclear, and warehousing - satisfying insurance and Ministry of Labour requirements.
Our safety record is exemplary and our service reputation is well known throughout the industry.
Our goal is to increase production efficiency, minimize plant downtime and maintain a safe working environment for you and your employees.

High-Tech Solutions for Non-Destructive Testing

ScanTech Non-Destructive Testing
Our non-destructive testing division can provide high-tech solutions to improve productivity, reduce downtime, while simultaneously maintaining a safer working environment. High-tech solutions require competent personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. ScanTech will provide the best in the industry to ensure your legal and inspection requirements are fulfilled.
Non-Destructive Testing Services
- Magnetic Particle Inspection
- Liquid Penetrant Inspection
- Ultrasonic Testing
- Eddy Current Testing
- Radiography
- Visual Inspection CWB/CSA W.78
Materials Testing Service
- Failure Analysis
- Hardness Testing
- Vibration Analysis
- Metallurgical Analysis
Other Available Services
- Thickness Measurement - Corrosion Survey
- Confined Entry Personnel
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